PREMIUM getting "Configuration Saved Notification. Rules could not be loaded"



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    Hi Juned,

    This we see when there's high cpu utilization on the firewall which results in slow response times from the backend APIs. 

    If that's not the case for you, shoot a PR and team will have a look.

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  • Juned Shaikh

    the cpu utilization doesn't even mount to 1% 

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  • Matt

    Hi Juned, looking at your issue report; it looks like the engine was in "stopped status" for some time. Chances are high that you tried to do a configuration change at this time. UI tried to communicate the new configuration with the engine which was not up and running and this caused a connection error. 

    We think that we need a UX improvement here in the sense that UI should be providing a more meaningful error stating that the engine is down and changes will take effect as soon as you start the packet engine. 


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